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Photos and Testimonials

"The days in Maui were truly magical. I have never been on a World Classroom trip that I enjoyed so much of felt so touched by the people I met. Every moment was special and I am holding these beautiful memories in my heart.
I will remember this experience forever. Thank you so much for this apportunity that helped me to make lifelong friends.
"I was so happy to have such wonderful teachers who taught me patiently and kindly, checked my tests seriously, and gave me good and honest advice. You are the best teachers I've ever met.
I will keep saying 'thank you' until I lose my voice.
"I really enjoyed staying in Maui. It will be one of my most unforgettable places. People were so nice everywhere.
Thank you for your kindness. I felt anxious to study English. However, the MLI teachers were very kind and friendly to us. Every time, I was happy. You will always remain in my memory.
"The trip to Maui, and specifically the time with the Maui Language Institute, was even better this year than it was last year (and that's saying a lot, since the inaugural trip last year was already outstanding!). Once again, our students returned to Asia with a real sense of the Aloha spirit and the Hawaiian culture. Students and teachers alike haven't stopped talking about the wonderful classes at the Maui Language Institute, and the great excursions they went on every day. Truly, the experience was unforgettable and very special for all those who participated.
Our dear teacher and friend You taught us hard and didn't raise your voice, you forgave us our mistakes, You taught us to love, to see and to help, to hold each other's hands,and to look into each other's eyes. And through all this, to feel and to know each other better. You established long lasting friendship. You gave us knowledge, joy, and happiness.I'll always remember you, And love you.
"My most memorable experience was whale watching. It was very exciting!
My host family was a very big family. They were cheerful and funny! My host family were Maui Taiko players. I saw their practice and it was cool!
"Thank you for everything! You are very kind and good teachers!
Maui was a beautiful island. I thought Iao Valley and Haleakala Mountain were especially beautiful.
"I experienced a lot of things in Maui which I can't in Japan!
MLI has great teachers and I spoke English everyday. I love Maui!
"My host family was great! They tried to listen to my English and understand me. They were very welcoming! I would like to come back to Maui!