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In 2001, I attended MLI from September to December, inclusive. I was 18 years old and not only did I not speak English, but also, I did not know much about how the world worked; it was my first time to be away from my family. I felt my way in the darkness and figured out one step at a time. MLI was the lighthouse that shone on my path and guided me. . . [Full Text]

– Akari Ueoka
Kochi, Japan

Hi! I'm Jean-Junior Napuauhi and I'm from Tahiti, French Polynesia. I came to Maui to be with family, but I also like the weather and the welcome environment. One of the things I like to do best on Maui (besides surfing) is planting food. I grow bananas, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, papayas, and sweet potatoes. What I like about MLI is the energy an. . . [Full Text]

– Jean-Junior Napuauhi
Tahiti, French Polynesia

Hi! My name is Hun Jin and I came to the Maui Language Institute from JiLin, China. I chose MLI because I like Hawaii, but I especially like Maui. In Honolulu, there are too many Asian people so it's better for me to learn English on Maui. In China I studied International Trade and here, I want to learn English and Business. UHMC gives me a chance . . . [Full Text]

– Hun Jin
JiLin, China

I came to the United States because I was in university in China and needed a change. I decided to come to Maui because I heard about MLI from friends in China, and I love Maui's endless summer and beautiful views. At first I was nervous about speaking and listening. Also, I was worried about my classmates. But it's been easy to make close relation. . . [Full Text]

– Wen Cai
Hebei, China

Aloha MLI!

As you may know, this is the end of my journey on Maui. I am leaving on July 27th. But, it was impossible for me to leave without letting you know how deep MLI and everybody related changed my life. I became someone I like. I am now a confident young woman who knows more what she wants in life. I also know what kind of people I want . . . [Full Text]

– Chloe, Canada

Nahir's family had a big celebration before her trip to the airport - to support her and be with her and show her how much they cared for her and loved her. And the whole family (dad, mum, brothers, sisters, uncles - and about 20 cousins) wished her all the best for her next adventure! Nahir was so touched and she felt so lucky to have her family's. . . [Full Text]

– Nahir, Argentina

Roesli: I have had the opportunity to stay on Maui for about 10 months because my son lives here. Everything has been perfect, but my English wasn't that good when I arrived. Nevertheless, I decided to brush up my English skills and ended up at MLI - a real exciting institute where you can learn many great things.

Veronika: When I planned my lo. . . [Full Text]

– Roesli and Veronika
Sisters from Switzerland

"Ohana!" When I was in my Maui Language Institute (MLI) classes, I always felt that. "Ohana" means "family" in Hawaiian and family means "no one gets left behind." The Maui Language Institute (MLI) has that spirit.

When I first entered MLI, I couldn't understand the classes and I was worried. But all of the instructors listened to my poor Engli. . . [Full Text]

– Yusuke Banno, Japan
Student from Design Penguin Agency, California

I came to Maui through an exchange program at my university and stayed at MLI for four weeks. I was so worried about many things such as classes, food and living conditions. But I felt so happy right away because the people at MLI are very kind. Also the classes are so very interesting. I was also happy because I had only three classes a day. I cou. . . [Full Text]

– Miki Matsumiya, Japan
Osaka Gakuin University "Study Abroad on Maui" (SAM) student

I came to MLI through a program at my University. I was so worried about how difficult the classes would be and what kind of people my roommates would be. But now, I'm really happy because the classes are so interesting, and my roommates are very kind and funny. My classmates are also great people. They always help me!

I was confused when I fir. . . [Full Text]

– Yuka Kuboyama, Japan
Osaka Gakuin University "Study Abroad on Maui" (SAM) program

I've been on Maui for one month now. When I first came here I couldn't understand what native speakers were saying. But, I feel that I'm making gradual progress and I have improved a lot through my classes. My teachers are kind to me. Also, I think it is very important to speak to various people and hear their stories. Other people's opinions serve. . . [Full Text]

– Ayaka Yoshida, Japan
Osaka Gakuin University "Study Abroad on Maui" (SAM) student

I had planned to go somewhere to study English during my summer vacation. The reason I decided to come to Maui is that it's a good environment. I found the Maui Language Institute on the Internet. The classes at MLI are very different from the ones at my own university. It is very worthwhile for me! Also my classmates are so kind and funny. They of. . . [Full Text]

– Yui Akimoto, Japan

Maui is a fantastic island! I had a lot of fun on Maui. I enjoyed the beautiful beach almost everyday. I surf and canoe paddle now. Additionally, I met many friends who came from different countries at MLI. It was a really exciting and amazing experience for me. Also, when I first came here, I couldn't even order a hamburger at McDonalds, but I can. . . [Full Text]

– So Hee Kang, South Korea
Student from UN Education Centre Agency, S. Korea

A dream came true in October 2008 when I went to Maui to learn English. The island is a beautiful paradise. I was at the Maui Language Institute for only 2 weeks. My first week was the end of a session, so I met some students for only a few days. There was a break during my second week on Maui, so I was happy that I could explore the island –. . . [Full Text]

– Christian Arnold, Switzerland

Aloha to all European people considering a language course in English. Of course, there are a lot of schools for studying English in the neighborhood of Germany, but when you have plenty of time and really want to enjoy it (not just studying at a university), why not go to Maui?

Before I decided to travel to Maui, I was the managing director of. . . [Full Text]

– York Boeder, Germany

Our dream was to polish our English in another country than Switzerland for six months, after I retired from World-Cup skiing competition. As a result, last summer we began looking for a suitable place to go. We have an 18-month-old daughter and love kite surfing, so we definitely needed a special solution. Searching the internet, we found many Eng. . . [Full Text]

– Franco and Denise Cavegn, Switzerland
Franco Cavegn – Three-time Oylmpian

I had dreamed about going to Hawaii – a paradise on earth – since I was 15 years old. My Hawaiian dream came closer when I checked the internet and found the University of Hawaii Maui Language Institute. The staff at MLI was very helpful and answered all my questions. Spontaneously, I decided to take my chance and go to Maui for 5 weeks. . . [Full Text]

– Melanie, Switzerland

My first trip to Maui was for various reasons – the first, my honeymoon with my husband, the second, to visit our friend, Eric, and third to learn English. Before I got married in 2003, I was a pro basketball player, an Olympian during the 2000 Olympics, and we were unable to go on a honeymoon because of team commitments. My husband is also a. . . [Full Text]

– Marcela, Slovakia
Basketball Olympian

Together with my family, I came here to Maui for just 3 weeks. This period was part of my Sabbatical year, as I used to work as a teacher in my home country. During this short stay here on Maui, I wanted to brush up on my English. I searched in the Internet and just by chance I found the MLI. So I didn't know really what I could expect. But it was . . . [Full Text]

– Edi, Switzerland
School Teacher

I was with MLI before I moved on to UH – Maui College. Although I attended MLI for only three months, it was the most intensive three months I have ever experienced. I was just out of high school and away from my family for the first time; I didn't know much about how the world worked. MLI was always there for me. Because of each wonderful ML. . . [Full Text]

– Akari, Japan
Student and Published Author

I came to Maui for two main reasons. Mainly I wanted to improve my English and at the same time I wanted to be able to have enough free time to kiteboard. Before I left Brazil a friend told me about MLI which I attended before I started my higher English classes. The teachers at MLI were really nice and they helped me out a lot. They have a good vi. . . [Full Text]

– Bruna, Brazi
3rd place, Women's World PKRA (Kite Boarding) Tour

Theater? How could I know when starting MLI that I would have the opportunity to benefit from drama classes, here where I am supposed to have English (which sounds like classic traditional, and maybe boring, English classes). How I wondered about this exercise.

It was a challenge for me when I first got my lines, trying to understand English.... . . [Full Text]

– Camille, France