Intensive English Curriculum


Maui Language Institute offers ESL instruction to learners at all levels of ability. Courses are offered in the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Upper Advanced students who require an accelerated learning environment and/or a custom-designed curriculum may request semi-private classes.

Upon arriving at MLI, students will take a series of placement tests to determine their levels within the MLI program. Each student will be placed into the appropriate MLI classes according to his/her individual placement scores in the varying skill areas.

MLI Courses

Courses at MLI are a combination of skill-based classes and content-based classes allowing for maximum opportunity for students to develop and improve their English abilities as well as maximum opportunity for students to use and practice their English skills in meaningful and purposeful classroom activities.

Instruction at MLI is given in the following language skill areas:
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Reading & Vocabulary
  • Writing & Grammar
Content-based courses at MLI include:
  • American Cultural Literacy (Reading & Speaking Emphasis)
  • Film Studies (Listening & Writing Emphasis)
  • Performing Arts (Conversation & Pronunciation Emphasis)

Private lessons are also available upon request.

Sample MLI Class Schedule