Theater? How could I know when starting MLI that I would have the opportunity to benefit from drama classes, here where I am supposed to have English (which sounds like classic traditional, and maybe boring, English classes). How I wondered about this exercise.

It was a challenge for me when I first got my lines, trying to understand English... before the story itself. After this first essential work, I took distance from the text and thought a little more about the story I had to live and feel for a while.

I started to repeat and repeat my lines, playing it with my partner. And after a few repetitions I was so concentrated in the acting itself that I actually forgot I was speaking in English! This was maybe only for a few minutes, but it gave me the sensation of the pleasure of speaking English, forgetting that I was speaking a language different from my own.

This exercise gave me the opportunity to assimilate a lot of vocabulary in a short time with the motivation of a "game" ... which means, without pain. When it is fun, you forget that you are working in a very efficient way.

"Usually I'm afraid to be happy but here comes my cowgirl yell. YIP-PEE-I-OW ..."
(A Couple White Chicks Sitting Around Talking by John Ford Noonan)

–Camille, France